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About AIMS

AIMS INTL DWC-LLC has been engaged since 1983 exclusively in the Development and Support of the AIMS airline software solutions package, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and with sales, training, development and support centers in Miami (USA), and Athens (Greece) exclusively authorized and offering their services under the strict quality inspection of AIMS INTL DWC-LLC.


With a team of more than 100 professionals and a track record of more than 180 successful AIMS installations around the world since 1983, AIMS is one of the world’s leading Airline Software Suppliers dedicated solely to the development and support of its state of the art Crew Management, Commercial Planning and Operations Control Systems.


Certification from ISO (ISO 9001: 2000) quality standards as well as ISO 27001 Security Standards validates that AIMS has the capability to provide its customers with the best possible quality product and support.  We have also incorporated functionality withing the system so that our client airlines can be in a more prominent position to attain Sarbanes - Oxley (SOX) Compliance.


AIMS is approved by more than 40 National Civil Aviation Authorities all over the world, such as EASA, UK CAP 371, FAA including the latest FAR 117 and many more.

Carreer Opportunities within AIMS

Flight Operations Consultants
for North America & Dubai,UAE

Our Flight Operations Consultants must have a minimum 10 years of airline experience and are expected to work on different sites with a wide variety of clientele offering AIMS presentations, training, and implementation services. Excellent communications skills are required and previous AIMS experience is a must.

Operations Research Analysts

Strong mathematical skills and previous mathematical experience is a key requirement. Any previous experience with optimizers and especially with IBM's CPLEX Mixed Integer programming tools will be considered a strong asset.

Programmers /Analysts

Self-starters used to solving problems and able to work without supervision is a key requirement.


Programming experience using tools such as:


For further information, and for resume submission please contact us at :
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