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To enhance and guarantee  the efficiency of your airline Operations,  we offer a number of services in order to maximize airline performance and reduce costs. In addition, our developer team is at the airline's disposal to customize AIMS in order to cover any unique aspects of its operation.

Training & Implementation

Receive the highest quality and most up to date Training/Implementation services directly from the people who make AIMS.


A free of charge service, by which our experts evaluate your airline staff's knowledge level on AIMS, to ensure the system is used optimally for the benefit of your operation.

Crew Planning Services

AIMS has been developing and employing crew scheduling & pairing generation optimizers for decades. This service gives you access to our expertise by outsourcing the following Crew Planning tasks to AIMS, and letting us give you an efficient and cost effective solution.

- Crew Pairing Construction

- Crew Scheduling Construction

- Crew Training Planning

- Crew Vacation Planning

Software Customization

While AIMS already covers an exceptionally wide range of functionality,  additional software customization can be provided to fully meet individual client airline requirements.

To find out out more about our products, pricing, and for demonstration arrangements please submit your :

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