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Crew Management

Covers all phases of :
Long Term Crew Planning
Vacation, Training & Manpower Planning

Short Term Crew Planning
Pairings & Crew Schedule Generation via Optimizers

Day to Day Crew Control
Crew Tracking, Crew Training Planning & Record-Keeping, Crew HOTAC and Travel, Crew Statistics & KPI's and Fatigue Risk Management.

Optimizer Support
Enabling efficient use of crew and a significant reduction of overall costs.

Crew Lifestyle
Reduced crew control work load and enhanced crew lifestyle by allowing crew to place requests, exchange duties, and vacation, through the AIMS Web Portal, accessible also from apps available for mobile devices.

Operations Control

Generation of aircraft schedules by taking into consideration Aircraft Maintenance schedules.

Day of Operations management of irregularities such as: Delays, cancellations, diversions, aircraft changes, and more.

Optimized disruption recovery solutions for the aircraft schedule, maintenance schedule, crew and passengers/cargo.

Movevent / Load / ACARS message processing through the SITA & ARINC Network

Access to Flights info by Ground Staff (Handling Agents, Tour Operators and so on) through the use of mobile devices.

Commercial Planning

Construction of efficient, and profitable flight schedules with optimum aircraft utilization.

Multiple flight schedule scenario generation and comparison including flight cost and revenue calculations and comparisons

Airport Slot Management

Exchange of flight schedule changes with other systems through IATA SSIM / ASM / SSM Messages

On time performance, fuel, passenger and freight KPIs for Senior Management

Business Aviation Systems

Management of Flight Quotations and sales for charter and business jet operations.

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Integrated system

Data flow is seamless across AIMS Crewing, Operations Control and Commercial Planning, allowing for an out of the box, cross-departmental, trully live operational environment.

Superior Functionality

40 years of innovation. A market leader in the sheer amount of functionality offered.

Advanced Optimizers

Drive down airline costs, by optimizing Crew, Aircraft Schedules and Pairings. Improve Crew Lifestyle by granting more schedule change requests, without compromizing the flight schedule.

Our clients matter

Many of our airline clients have been using AIMS for more than 20 years. We lean heavily on our quality support services, and always listen what our customers have to say, no matter how small or big they are.

AIMS Deployment Options
Operate AIMS through an IT Environment of your choice.

AIMS Cloud Hosting

Software as a Service (SaaS) option. Host and Operate AIMS via the AIMS Cloud, with very little involvement and know how from your IT Department.
The AIMS Cloud is hosted at Amazon AWS, Frankfurt - Germany. 


The AIMS application and  hardware hosting it, are installed and

maintained in-house,  by the airline.

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